Bucks County Wine Tours offers luxury transportation for people looking to experience wineries throughout picturesque Bucks County. Take in the scenery, make new friends, and sample mouth-watering wines as we showcase the majesty, history and tradition of this beautiful countryside.

There are plenty of wineries to explore and Bucks County Wine Tours is Pennsylvania's premier wine-touring service. We cater to groups and individuals seeking intimate, special getaways. You’ll have the opportunity to visit both large production facilities and smaller boutique wineries. You may even tour an actual wine cellar. Whatever the itinerary, your trip will be scenic, informative and fun.

Our services are perfect for celebrating special occasions such as holidays and birthdays but are also ideal for people looking to spend an afternoon relaxing close to home. Let us help coordinate your next memorable event, whether it’s a romantic rendezvous, corporate outing, wedding or anniversary.

We firmly believe that wine should be fun and enjoyed by all (who are able to drink legally, of course) and we strive for excellence in order to meet the high standards of our clients. Our clients are important to us and are always treated with exceptional service.

Whether you are a long time resident or a weekend visitor, Bucks County Wine Tours has something especially for you.

Book your trip today. Getting there is half the fun.


Pennsylvania has an ideal climate for growing grapes and producing wine, and the growing conditions in Bucks County are among the best in the world. We experience moderate temperatures year round, with mild winters due to our proximity to Lake Erie in the west and the Atlantic's Gulf Stream waters in the east. The soil here is fertile, well-drained limestone. Irrigation is not a concern as the state receives enough natural precipitation to nurture its vines. Additionally, the growing season is long with a healthy rainfall. There are no floods, earthquakes, scorching summers or vine crippling winters, which spares growers the problems associated with spiking temperatures. Like most states in this geographic area, Pennsylvania has a long history of grape growing and wine making. It offers many distinct types of grapes and wines and presently ranks fourth in the nation for grape growing and eighth for overall wine production.